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Real-time online fighting game

Nekki Limited brings the Shadow Fight saga to mobile devices with Shadow Fight Arena. In this role-playing game, players can battle in real-time PvP duels with other players from across the world. Set in the same universe as the franchise, this 2D fighting game allows you to create a team of three heroes that you can command. Shadow Fight is a free-to-play mobile game—however, there are rewards that are only unlockable through in-app purchases. 

Same exhilarating battles

Shadow Fight Arena offers the same 3v3 team-based PvP battles in the popular Shadow Fight 3. Players can choose three heroes from a wide selection of characters from the Shadow Fight universe. From your selected team, you can then choose which hero you will send out to the battle. Each hero will have unique abilities and talents that can help you win. Moreover, you can level up and improve these skills for a better chance of defeating the enemies. 

On top of the heroes' skills, there are also dozens of weapons and armors that you can unlock and equip your heroes with. From swords to sticks, there are various hand-to-hand combat weapons at your disposal. Also, as with any fighting game, you can create combo attacks by combining different hits and directions. However, unlike the previous Shadow Fight title, the PvP battles in this game are in real-time. With this, you will be pitted against real players and not with bots. 

As this is a mobile game, veteran players will also need to adjust to a smaller screen in playing this title. More than that, they will also need to play with the controls on the screen. The virtual D-pad on the left allows you to control your character’s movement, while the buttons on the right let you make an attack. Be warned, though: the controls in this game are unrefined, so moving and attacking can be a bit different. In fact, the entire game is a bit unpolished when compared to the other titles in the saga. 

Needs polishing

With Shadow Fight Arena, hardcore players of the franchise can now play the epic battles on their phone. The game offers the same exhilarating battles with your favorite heroes. Moreover, the game is in real-time and against real players for more challenge. However, the game needs more optimization for it to be on par with the previous titles.


  • Action-packed 3v3 PvP duels
  • Wide selection of Shadow Fight heroes
  • Great character animation
  • Real-time battles


  • Lacks match skill gameplay
  • Unpolished controls
  • Could use more rewards and gem prizes
  • Some rewards are only available as in-app purchase


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Shadow Fight Arena


Shadow Fight Arena 0.4.11 for Android


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