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  • Version: 0.3.32

2D real-time PvP fighting game

Shadow Fight Arena is a 2D fighting game developed by Nekki Limited. Set in the Shadow Fight universe, this role-playing game will give you a chance to go head-to-head against other players in PvP duels. It allows you to create a dream team of three heroes that you can command. All heroes will have unique upgradeable abilities that you can level up as you go. Shadow Fight Arena is a free-to-play game. However, expect some in-app purchases to unlock other rewards. 

Shadow Arena on a smaller screen

Shadow Fight Arena is a 3v3 team-based PvP action. As noted, you can choose three heroes to form your squad and select from there the character that you will send into battle. The game includes some of the fan-favorite Shadow Arena heroes, such as Itu, Marcus, June, and Kibo. There will also be others, whom you can unlock as you go along the game. Each hero will have their abilities and talents that you can utilize to win the battles. 

Just like in the previous titles of the saga, you can use dozens of weapons and varying types of armor to help you win. You will find swords, spears, sticks, and other hand-to-hand combat weapons at your disposal—you only have to unlock them. Using the virtual D-pad on the left side of your screen, you can control your character’s movements. Meanwhile, the buttons on the right allow you to make attacks. As with any fighting game, you can create spectacular combos by combining different directions and types of hits. 

This game is very much like the popular Shadow Fight 3 game. However, unlike the latter, the PvP in this game is in real-time. With this, you will be pitted against other players and not with bots. Of course,  veteran Shadow Fight 3 players will also need to adjust themselves to a smaller screen. Plus, they will need to make do with the unpolished interface and controls.

Unpolished version

Shadow Fight Arena allows fans of the Shadow Fight saga to experience the exhilarating battles on a smaller screen. It brings all your favorite heroes together and allows you to compete with other hardcore players in real-time. However, as it is, the game seems to be unfinished with its various technical issues. The controls are a bit unrefined. Moreover, new players will have a hard time progressing as it sometimes pits you against higher-level players. All in all, the game needs a bit more work so that everyone can have fun playing.


  • Impressive character animation
  • Brings the popular Shadow Fight heroes
  • Real-time PvP battles
  • Tons of weapons, talents, and equipments


  • Unrefined controls
  • Does not offer match skill gameplay
  • Needs more rewards and gem prize
  • Premium rewards are only available for purchase


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Shadow Fight Arena


Shadow Fight Arena 0.3.32 for iPhone


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